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Aspirating Smoke Detection Technical Services.

ASD - Design | Calculations | Support
ASD design & calculation services.
Fast & Flexible aspirating smoke detection design & pipework calculations.

When you're in a hurry or need that extra bit of help creating an aspirating smoke detection layout for your next big tender or project, our technical services offer a fast, reliable solution that provides fully marked-up PDF layout drawings and manufacturers calculations/modelling results.




Full ASD pipework layouts including section by section dimensions.


Layouts include all general fittings IE: 90 + 45 degree bends, Tee's, End-caps & Test Points.



All layouts are supplied with a full material schedule in Excel format for all ASD equipment.

Pipework Calculation Services


Quick and Simple ASD calculations

PipeXpress is the calculation software for Astec and Wagner products.

The software verifies the pipe design and ensures that it is within the prescribed limits.


Hole quantities are also checked and the correct hole sizes are calculated for the design. 

Our calculation service provides an EN-54 certificate for the pipe design and provides all required information for installation and commissioning.


Pipe flow modelling software

Vesda detection requires an Aspire model to verify that any pipework design will function as expected.

The Aspire software calculates a balanced system for the relevant ASD class based upon the installation environment and requirements.

The necessary sampling hole sizes are calculated and provided by way of a drill schedule table.

Our Aspire calculation service provides a PDF Installation Datapack detailing full isometric pipe layouts and drill schedules.


ASD Pipework design software

Stratos Airsense detectors, including the latest ModuLaser detectors, rely on the PipeCAD software to verify their functionality.

PipeCAD functions as a basic CAD package and the pipe networks from the designs are recreated within the software.

PipeCAD can then be used to calculate the required hole sizes and flow rates for the design.

Our PipeCAD service provides pipe layouts, hole positions and hole sizes as a PDF document.

Whether you purchase your ASD products through us or a third party, our technical services can be used independently for the design and calculation of any project.
Take the stress & uncertainty out of your next Aspirating Smoke Detection design. 
Need a fully compliant Aspirating Smoke Detection solution? 
Our Technical Services provide just that ......

Starting with a blank canvas and laying out an Aspirating Smoke Detection scheme, that works correctly, and is fully compliant can be difficult.

Ensuring that pipe lengths, sampling point location and hole sizing are correct is an absolute must to avoid future pitfalls.

Our technical services have been created to take away the pain of ASD design at extremely competitive rates.


From initial pipework layouts through to final flow calculations we ensure that your system works correctly and in accordance with the respective manufacturers' specifications.

For over 20 years we've been designing Aspirating systems and know what to watch out for and how to overcome common obstacles.

Our service marks up your existing PDF drawings with the correct detectors and pipe networks for a protected area and provides a full bill of materials. 

The ASD designs are manually re-created in the respective manufacturers' calculation and modelling software for analysis and verification of operation.

All files, documents and information produced are yours to keep.

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