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Choosing the right detector for a particular application can be difficult.


From a Lift Shaft to a large Data Hall, there's an ASTEC ASD that fits.

Contact us for helpful advice & assistance in choosing the right model of detector.


ASTEC air sampling smoke detectors are available in various models to suit most applications and environments.









All detectors are held in UK stock and are usually available for immediate despatch.

Spares + Pipe

Looking for ASTEC ASD spares, accessories or pipe & fittings?


We stock a range of ancillary products and spare parts for all ASTEC ASD detector models.


Our full range of ASTEC Pipe & Fittings is available in Red, White or Grey and orders received before 2:30 pm are generally shipped on a next working day delivery throughout the UK.


Reliability, ease of use & immunity to false alarms are at the core of every ASTEC ASD.

Quick and easy to install & commission, ASTEC detectors utilise air sampling technology to accurately detect the presence of smoke. The detectors are supplied pre-calibrated and allow on-site adjustment without the need for special tools.


Extremely well suited to the current usage trends for air sampling smoke detection, ASTEC ASD provide EN54 Class A,B & C detectors for a diverse range of applications. 


Suitable for large areas & Upgrades


Supporting extended pipe lengths and true multi zone detection, a single ASTEC ASD detector is capable of replacing older Laser Based 4 pipe detectors with ease.  

Extended Sampling Pipes.


With up to 300m of pipe per detector module, ASTEC ASD provides a flexible approach to air sampling smoke detection.

Easily capable of replacing point detection and older 4 pipe Laser Based ASD's for large open spaces and void areas.

Reliable Fault-Free Operation.


Intelligent signal processing system checks against known fire patterns to reduce false alarms.

Proven airflow monitoring technology reduces nuisance flow fault conditions.

'Click & Go'


ASTEC detectors are supplied pre-configured with absolute detection chambers.

Installation & Commissioning is greatly simplified with click and go auto learn and 'software free' on-site adjustments. 

Flexible ASD Designs


ASTEC air sampling smoke detectors benefit from features that simplify ASD design.

Predetermined flexible pipe configurations take into account the use of 90 degree bends allowing rapid ASD layouts for every environment.

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Perfect for small area air sampling detection such as lift shafts, small telco/data rooms and in cabinet detection. The ASTEC-MICRO provides up to 50m of sampling pipe and up to 8 sampling points.



Download the ASTEC-MICRO Data Sheet to learn more.


ASTEC-PRO Data Sheet


Powerful, reliable and flexible the ASTEC-PRO Air Sampling Detector is an effective solution for monitoring a broad range of applications. From high sensitivity early warning through to harsh industrial applications, the ASTEC-PRO excels in most environments.



Download the ASTEC-PRO Data Sheet to learn more.


ASTEC-DUO Data Sheet


When 300m of air sampling pipe is just not enough, the ASTEC-DUO is a two channel version of the popular ASTEC-PRO. Providing two separate detector modules internally, each channel provides separate alarm indication and relay outputs allowing true multi-zone detection and/or sector addressability. 



Download the ASTEC-DUO Data Sheet to learn more.




For original early warning air sampling applications, the ASTEC-ULTRA provides multiple levels of alarm, individual relay outputs per level complete with full bar-graph display. Extended pipe lengths and adjustable sensitivity provide the Ultimate solution.



Download the ASTEC-ULTRA Data Sheet to learn more.


ASTEC Pipe + Fittings


Reliable aspirating pipe and fittings are essential for the correct operation of ASTEC air sampling detectors.


Our pipe and fittings datasheet provides part numbers and details of the full range of ABS pipe products for all ASTEC detectors.

ASTEC ASD Sales & Support


Our company is built around supporting your company. Over 20 years of experience delivering aspirating smoke detection solutions is at your fingertips. Each product is supplied with a wealth of expertise & knowledge which ensures that you have the support that you need and can rely on.


Air Sampling Smoke Detection applications have advanced from early warning systems to the product of choice for many projects such as large open areas, inaccessible environments and warehousing. Cost effective & reliable, the versatility of the ASTEC ASD range brings air sampling smoke detection solutions to the mainstream.


Whatever level of support you require, we can help. From initial project layout advice through detector choice, pipework verification and installation advice, you're never on your own. 


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