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Vesda Power Supply Units are uniquely designed to complement the style and the appearance of Vesda aspirating smoke detectors (ASDs) and are technically matched to provide sufficient current and battery charging capacity to meet the requirements of EN 54-4.

The VPS-215 is intended as a low-cost unit to supply a single pipe ASD detector that only requires 7Ah batteries such as the VESDA VLF-250.

Simple but elegant construction and no LEDs on the lid keep the cost of the unit to a minimum. The unit can also be inverted where necessary by rotating the lid.

The internal charger is EN54-4 certified and internal LEDs are provided to indicate OK (output healthy) and Fault.

Vesda VPS-215 Data SheetVesda VPS-215 Data Sheet
VESDA VPS-215 Power Supply
14872 Exc VAT

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