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True Zonal Aspirating Smoke Detection.

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ModuLaser detectors provide a modular solution to Aspirating Smoke Detection.


Available modules include:-


  • Minimum Display

  • Standard LCD display

  • Command Display

  • Detector Module


All modules are held in UK stock and are usually available for immediate despatch.


A Flexible ASD solution, ModuLaser is a whole new concept in Aspirating Smoke Detection from the Stratos Airsense product line.


Individual pipe modules are used to create a flexible detector expandable from a single pipe module to 8 pipe modules.


Each module can facilitate pipe branches of up to 250m of pipe per module providing a superior true zonal solution.


An ingenious docking station design allows multiple aspirating detector modules to be connected, creating a single multichannel detector.


Detector modules provide detection for individual areas or zones. Specific zone alarm information can be transmitted to the main fire alarm panel via a common APIC address card in the display module or through dedicated alarm relays within each detector module.


The sensitive electronics are easily removed during installation to ensure no damage occurs and modules detect their own orientation allowing pipe entry top or bottom.



Multiple detector modules can be connected or docked to create a cluster.


Multiple clusters can be networked to create highly flexible solutions.

Highly Flexible


The unique modularity provides solutions for any environment; multi-zone or multi-area.


Detector modules can be detached to provide remote pipe configurations and minimise pipe runs.

Engineer Friendly


Capable of basic configuration on power-up and fully programmable through the TFT display module or via a PC and simple USB connection.

Simple User Operation


The large menu-driven TFT display allows total control of the ModuLaser and presents critical information in a simple easy to read graphical display.


Minimum Display modules can be set to non-latching.



Pipe + Fittings


Aspirating pipe and fittings are essential for the correct operation of air sampling smoke detectors. Our pipe and fittings datasheet provides part numbers and details for the full range of ABS pipe products.


Minimum Display


The Minimum Display Module offers a cost-effective alternative to the Standard Display Module.


Standard Display


The Standard Display Module features a user interface which consists of a TFT colour display, navigation buttons and status LED’s.


Command Display


The Command Display Module features a user interface which consists of a TFT colour display, navigation buttons and status LED’s. The command display allows control and reporting of networked Clusters.


Detector Module


The detector module is a fully self-contained aspirating smoke detector that can analyse the air sample for smoke particles. It contains its own aspirator and a laser detection chamber. Multiple detector modules can be docked to a display module.

ModuLaser Sales & Support


Ventec Systems are a UTC Platinum Partner for Stratos Airsense ModuLaser products and provide sales directly to the fire detection trade. All ModuLaser products are standard stock products and usually ship on a next working day delivery at wholesale prices. A full range of ancillary equipment such as Aspirating Pipe & Fittings allows us to deliver a full solution quickly and efficiently.


Our experienced team are available to offer support and information on product capabilities. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a total solution for fire detection companies both new and experienced in aspirating smoke detection.

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