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Introducing Vesda VEA

Updated: May 17, 2019

Addressable Aspirating Smoke Detection is here!

Vesda VEA Addressable ASD
Introducing Vesda VEA | Addressable Aspirating Smoke Detection

Discreet Addressable Aspirating Smoke Detection

Vesda VEA addressable ASD offers superior detection where:-

  • Discreet detection is desired

  • Point detectors are difficult to reach

  • Access to the protected area is restricted

  • Disruption of occupants is undesirable

  • Maintenance costs are high

  • False alarms are extremely costly or unacceptable

VESDA-E VEA introduces a new approach for addressable smoke detection. The VEA provides pinpoint aspirating addressability by using a network of microbore tubes connected to sample points located within the protected area.

Vesda-E VEA Addressable Tube Network
Vesda-E VEA Addressable Tube Network

A single VEA detector supports 40 addressable sampling points which are expandable up to 120 using the Expansion StaX add-on module, all managed from a central location.

The fully supervised microbore tubes and sampling points ensure total system availability with each sampling point being individually monitored.

Centralised test and maintenance from a readily accessible detector location can reduce service time by up to 90%; negating the need to gain access and visit each point individually. The unique design of the VEA sampling points allows full monitoring of the sampling tube by the VEA. It knows when a tube is cut, blocked, restricted or when a sampling point is removed. Service visits to each sampling point are no longer required.

VEA remote maintenance is ideally suited in applications where interruption free business operation and restricted access are of paramount importance. Operating theatres, hotel rooms, holding cells and luxury apartments are some of the environments that benefit from discreet detection where access is limited.

Rapid, simple, installation is possible with Ventec Systems supplying VEA microbore tube, connectors, reducers and other ancillary equipment in addition to the VEA detectors and power supplies. VEA detectors are Aspire free and function out of the box once installed to their specific design parameters.

Design assistance is available from our fully experienced engineers and our friendly technical support staff are on hand to answer any queries.

If you would like to know more about Vesda VEA, get in touch, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and assist wherever possible.


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