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ModuLaser is a scalable aspirating smoke detection solution that makes installation easier, maintenance quicker, and takes applications further than traditional air sampling detectors.

Two basic module types comprise the ModuLaser solution: a display module, and a detector module.

The Detector Module is a fully self-contained Aspirating Smoke Detector, which samples air from the protected area, analyzes the air and, based on ClassiFire Artificial Intelligence, determines if a pre-alarm or alarm condition should be raised.

If an alarm condition or fault condition occurs, then the detector activates the corresponding local relay output, subjected to the programming of the relays. Simultaneously the alarm or fault condition also reports to any Display Module to which the Detector Module is connected.

  • True multi-zone aspirating smoke detection
  • Single sampling pipe expandable to 4 pipe branches
  • Up to 250m of sampling pipe per detector module
  • Each detector module contains its own aspirator and laser chamber
  • Programmable local relays in each detector
  • Expandable between one and eight modules per 'Cluster'
  • Programmable 'Cluster' relays in the associated display
  • Simplified installation via docking station concept
  • Easy pipe connection for 25mm or 27mm pipe
  • Network up to 127 detectors
  • Easy configuration through PC Remote software


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    Airsense Modulaser Detector
    54216 Exc VAT

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