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Stratos Micra 100 high sensitivity smoke detectors are designed for early warning smoke detection in small to medium size areas. The Micra 100 provides reliable smoke detection with a minimum rate of nuisance alarms.

ClassiFire Artificial Intelligence ensures that the detector operates at optimum sensitivity for the protected environment with no complex setup required. 

Upgradable volt-free Fire and Fault relay outputs are available for remote monitoring by local fire detection or BMS systems.

  • Ultra-small low cost aspirating smoke detector for easy and discreet installation
  • High sensitivity laser-based forward light scatter for reliable early warning
  • One or two sampling pipes up to 100m in length (still air)
  • ClassiFire® Artificial Intelligence system that dynamically adjusts the detector’s operating parameters, allowing for day to day changes in the protected environment
  • Unwanted alarms from dust are avoided using patented Dual Technology Laser Dust Discrimination and elimination system
  • 5 relay outputs: 4 x alarm and 1 x fault
  • 3 programmable inputs
  • Optional Apic card for direct interfacing to an addressable loop
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Airsense Stratos Micra-100 C/W IO Card
108042 Exc VAT

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