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The Astec-Ultra air sampling smoke detector is an extremely cost effective solution for monitoring critical environments where the earliest indication of smoke is paramount.

The high degree of modularity makes it possible to quickly and efficiently provide air sampling smoke detection over large open spaces, data centres, server rooms and many other diverse environments.

The Astec-Ultra air sampling smoke detection system can be used to replace up to 32 ‘point type’ smoke detectors with up to 300m of air sampling pipe, regardless of whether Class A, B or C is required in accordance with EN54-20.

Three levels of alarm are provided with LED indication and volt free relay outputs to provide the earliest alert to the presence of smoke.

An additional bargraph display provides an indication of current smoke levels. 

  • Early fire detection thanks to innovative, highly sensitive HPLS light source technology.
  • A high degree of false alarm immunity through LOGIC·SENS fire pattern recognition.
  • Time-saving commissioning through Plug & Play, no additional PC interface or dedicated programmer required.
  • Simple installation and commissioning due to the modular concept of the Astec-Ultra.
  • Reliable project design with EN54 certification.
  • Multiple alarm levels for Fire, Action, Alert & Fault indication with volt free relay outputs for connection to addressable or conventional fire alarm control equipment.
  • Bargraph smoke level display provides a quick visual indication of smoke contamination levels.
  • Fully compatible with inline filtration and blow through systems for harsh environments.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Astec ASD add-ons for feature rich expansion.


Astec Micro DatasheetDownload Astec Ultra Datasheet


Astec Ultra
173209 Exc VAT

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