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Vesda-E detectors work by drawing air through a network of pipes and sampling the air for particles of smoke using a revolutionary FLAIR detection chamber.

The FLAIR detection chamber forms the core of VESDA-E detectors, providing better detection, fewer nuisance alarms, higher stability, increased longevity and particle characterisation.

Direct imaging of the sampled particles using a CMOS imager combined with multiple
photo-diodes allow vastly more data that can be used to derive actionable information about the observed particles using analytics.

The VSP-964 Detection Chamber is the replacement chamber for early generations of the Vesda-E range of detectors. It is suitable for the following models:-

  • VEP-A00
  • VEP-A10
  • VES-A00
  • VES-A10
  • VEU-A00
  • VEU-A10

*NOTE* - Check compatibility before ordering, different versions are available.

Vesda-E Detection Chamber
120919 Exc VAT

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