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Remote display modules provide real-time indications of the status of a VESDA detector across a VesdaNET network.

They have a 20-segment vertical bar graph display, a 2 digit numeric display, an audible sounder, clear alarm and fault indicators.

The remote displays have 4 push button keys to control the detector and the mode of the display.

Several displays can be configured to display information from a single detector in multiple locations.

The VRT-200 is compatible with LaserPLUS and Vesda-E VEP detectors. Seven programmable relays are included that can be programmed for remote signalling.

Connection to the VesdaNET is provided via terminals inside the enclosure. The Remote unit requires a separate 24v supply. The recommended PSU is the Vesda VPS-215 power supply.

Vesda VLP/VEP Remote Display C/W 7 Relays
63015 Exc VAT

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