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Vesda Power Supply Units are uniquely designed to complement the style and the appearance of Vesda aspirating smoke detectors (ASDs) and are technically matched to provide sufficient current and battery charging capacity to meet the requirements of EN 54-4.

The VPS-220 is the original power supply unit within the Vesda brand range. 

Internally, there is an EN54-4 certified Power Supply rated to provide a 0.5A continuous 24Vdc supply while also charging the batteries (not supplied) which can be a 7, 12 or uniquely, 14Ah arrangement. As such the unit can be used with confidence to power, and provide 24hr standby (plus 0.5hr in alarm), for the VESDA VLF-500, VESDA-E VEP &
VESDA-E VES detectors.

With regard to installation, cable entry knockouts line up with those on the VESDA-E detectors allowing for convenient positioning of the power supply directly adjacent to the detector.

The front cover is fitted with 2 LEDs giving a quick visual indication of OK and/or fault condition, There is also an internal status LED to aid fault diagnosis.

The unit also provides a non-certified setting that enables it to power loads up to 1A while recharging batteries up to 12Ah in accordance with EN 54-4.

Vesda VPS-220 Data SheetVesda VPS-220 Data Sheet
Vesda VPS-220 Power Supply
18633 Exc VAT

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