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VESDA-E Power Supply Units are uniquely designed to complement the style and appearance of VESDA-E aspirating smoke detectors (ASDs) and are technically matched to provide sufficient current and battery charging capacity to meet the requirement of EN 54-4.

The STX variants are VdS certified and CE marked to EN54-4 so are particularly suitable for use in territories where these approvals are required.

The VPS-220-STX are the shallower units in the range with depth and width matching the VESDA-E detectors.

Internally, they provide an EN 54-4 certified Power Supply rated to provide a 0.5A continuous 24Vdc supply whilst also charging the batteries (not supplied) which can be a 7, 12 or uniquely, 14Ah arrangement. As such the unit can be used with confidence to power, and provide 24hr standby (plus 0.5hr in alarm), for the VESDA-E VEP & VESDA-E VES detectors. 

The unit also provides a non-certified setting that enables it to power loads up to 1A while recharging batteries up to 12Ah in accordance with EN 54-4.

Vesda VPS-220-STX Data SheetVesda VPS-220-STX Data Sheet
Vesda VPS-220-STX Power Supply
18519 Exc VAT

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