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Vesda Power Supply Units are uniquely designed to complement the style and the appearance of Vesda aspirating smoke detectors (ASDs) and are technically matched to provide sufficient current and battery charging capacity to meet the requirements of EN 54-4.

The VPS-250 power supply is capable of powering larger ASD units including the VESDA-E VEU (at all fan speeds) and the VESDA-E VEA detectors.

It may also be used for installations with multiple detectors and/or remote displays. The internal charger is EN54-4 certified to power loads up to 3A with space and charging capacity for batteries up to 38Ah.

Uniquely, the unit is supplied with the provision to deliver 4 separately fused outputs – recommended when it is used to power multiple detectors or disparate loads.

The front cover supports 2 LEDs to provide a visual indication of Healthy status (OK) or fault condition and various knockouts exist to provide convenient cabling access to detectors, remote displays or sub-racks.

The unit also provides a non-certified setting that enables it to power loads up to 3.4A while recharging batteries up to 38Ah in accordance with EN 54-4.


Vesda VPS-250 Data SheetVesda VPS-250 Data Sheet
Vesda VPS-250 Power Supply
28757 Exc VAT

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