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3825 Exc VAT 4188

Vesda detectors have an onboard filter to remove contaminate from the sampled air and to create a clean air bleed to keep the laser optics clean.

Filters require replacing at regular intervals, usually on a service visit, to ensure the optimum performance of the detector.

The VSP-005 filter is the replacement filter for the Laser range of detectors. It is suitable for the following models:-

  • LaserFOCUS 250 (VLF-250)
  • LaserFOCUS 500 (VLF-500)
  • LaserCOMPACT RO (VLC-800)
  • LaserCOMPACT VN (VLC-505)
  • LaserPLUS (VLP-002, VLP-012, VLP-400)
  • LaserSCANNER (VLS-204, VLS-214, VLS-304, VLS-314, VLS-600, VLS-700)
VSP-005 Vesda Laser Range Filter
3825 Exc VAT 4188

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