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Complete Range

Vesda detectors are available in various models to suit most applications and environments.

  • Vesda LaserFOCUS (VLF)

  • Vesda VEP

  • Vesda VES

  • Vesda VEU

  • Vesda VEA


All detectors are held in UK stock and are usually available for immediate despatch.

Spares + Pipe

Looking for Vesda spares, accessories or pipe & fittings?


We stock a range of ancillary products and spare parts for all Vesda detector models.


Our full range of Vesda Pipe & Fittings is available in Red, White or Grey and orders received before 2:30 pm are generally shipped on a next working day delivery throughout the UK.

Xtralis Vesda

VESDA is a brand of Aspirating Smoke Detector and offers the earliest possible warning of a potential fire.

With hundreds of thousands installed globally, the VESDA brand name is synonymous with high performance. It is the product chosen by many when reliable performance is crucial.


Providing over 20 years of Vesda sales and support, Ventec Systems are the partner of choice for many of the UK's leading fire detection companies.

Absolute Smoke Detection
Absolute Detection


A dual stage filter provides an ultra-fine clean air barrier within the Vesda laser detection chamber. This barrier prevents contamination of the laser optics and allows for the absolute detection of smoke particles.



Detector settings for smoke and flow levels are programmable or can be automatically learnt by the detector to provide reliable fault-free operation.

Vesda - Engineer Friendly
Engineer Friendly


Intuitive programming through the VSC software or a dedicated Vesda programming module provides flexible, simple, setup and commissioning.

Simple fire alarm Interfacing
Simple Interfacing


Fully programmable relays allow for rapid simple interfacing to the majority of Fire Alarm Control panels. Flexible networking provides advanced connectivity solutions.

Vesda Resources


Vesda Product Brochure


The Vesda Laser Range of products has been at the forefront of aspirating smoke detection technology since the early 1990s.

Air from the protected area is actively drawn through a network of sampling pipes, passed through a central laser detection unit and sampled for the presence of smoke which can provide very early warning of a potential fire.

Download the Vesda Laser Range Brochure to learn more.


Vesda-E Product Brochure


Vesda-E detectors represent the new generation of Vesda detection.


Implementing decades of knowledge & experience, Vesda-E detectors provide full backward compatibility with existing Vesda detectors and incorporate innovative advancements in technology.


Download the Vesda-E Product Brochure to learn more.


Vesda Pipe + Fittings


Reliable aspirating pipe and fittings are essential for the correct operation of Vesda air sampling detectors.


Our pipe and fittings datasheet provides part numbers and details of the full range of ABS pipe products for Vesda and Vesda-E detectors.

Vesda Sales & Support


Ventec Systems Ltd has supplied specialist fire detection products to UK fire alarm companies for over 20 years.  Every product is supplied with a wealth of expertise, support and customer service that is demonstrated through our high level of customer retention.

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