Say Hello To New Beginnings

LaserPLUS + LaserCOMPACT End Of Life.

The End of an Era.

The release of the VESDA LaserPLUS series in 1997 marked the beginning of a new era for Ventec Systems and Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) technology.


Paving the way for unprecedented success, VESDA VLP has evolved ASD from a niche technology to a mainstay of the fire detection industry and has been distributed and supported by Ventec Systems since early 1998.


According to independent experts, VESDA VLP has been determined as the gold standard for ASD in terms of smoke detection sensitivity, reliability, longevity, stability, and efficiency of operation.

With the introduction of the VESDA-E range of detectors, the VEP & VEU have set a new benchmark providing superior detection performance, greater tolerance to nuisance alarms, added flexibility and a new range of connectivity options.


As production of VEP and VEU detectors increases, it marks the end of a long and prosperous journey for the LaserPLUS (VLP) & LaserCOMPACT (VLC). 

End of Life Detectors

Sales of the listed products will cease as of 31st October 2019.


Support for spares and repairs will be provided for a further two year period after this date.


Documentation will be supported for an additional 1 year period.

NOTE: Vesda LaserFOCUS detectors, VLF-250 & VLF-500 are unaffected

  • VLP-100: VLP OEM

  • VLP-400: VLP with Fire & OK LED

  • VLP-002: VLP with display

  • VLP-012: VLP with display and programmer

  • VLC-400: VLC Apollo protocol

  • VLC-500: VLC relay only

  • VLC-505: VLC network version

  • VLC-50000-MRN: VLC relay only Marine 

  • VLC-50500-MRN: VLC network Marine

  • VLC-500-EX: VLC Zone II Ex relay only

  • VLC-505-EX: VLC Zone II Ex network version

  • XCC-011: VLC Class C

  • VSP-006: VLP replacement chassis


VSP-005 VESDA Filter Cartridge

VSP-005 VESDA Filter

NOTE: Replacement Filters

The VSP-005 replacement VESDA filter cartridge is a serviceable item and is common to most models of detectors, including those listed above currently on the End of Life notice.

The Vesda LaserFOCUS detectors, VLF-250 & VLF-500 are still current detectors and both models utilise the VSP-005 filter.

The VSP-005 filter will be available for the LaserFOCUS detectors and can, therefore, be used with the above-mentioned end of life detectors after the two year support period ends.

Xtralis VESDA-E

The Next Generation of VESDA detectors, the VESDA-E series build upon the reliability and performance of the Laser range and offer additional features. For details of alternative / replacement products for any of the above affected detectors, please complete the form below and click submit.