Next Generation Aspirating Smoke Detection.


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Vesda VEP detectors are the next generation of Vesda detectors and are a direct replacement for older LaserPLUS (VLP) models.


VEP detectors can directly replace:-


  • VLP-400 - LaserPLUS with LED's

  • VLP-002 - LaserPLUS with display

  • VLP-012 - LaserPLUS with programmer



Our industry-leading support, available to all current customers, ensures that you're not on your own with Vesda VEP.

Fire alarm engineers have access to our technical support to ease installation and commissioning issues.

Sales and estimating departments can benefit from our friendly and knowledgeable advice at tender stage.

Vesda-E VEP

The VESDA-E VEP series of smoke detectors bring the latest and most advanced detection technology to provide very early warning and the best nuisance alarm rejection to a wide range of applications.


Built on the Flair detection technology and years of application experience, VEP detectors deliver absolute calibration for lifetime performance and a range of revolutionary new features that deliver user value.

VEP detectors are a direct replacement for older LaserPLUS (VLP) detectors. With an identical footprint, pipe positions and electrical connections, upgrading is greatly simplified.

VEP Touchscreen Icon
Touchscreen Display


The VEP is available in 2 models, one with LED indication and one with a 3.5" touchscreen display.

The touchscreen display provides detailed detector information without the need for a laptop.

iVesda Ethernet Icon
WiFi + Ethernet


The VEP is equipped with built-in WiFi & Ethernet capabilities.

Remote access can be performed via the VSC software or the iVesda app for mobile and tablet.

VSP-962 Vesda-E Filter Icon
Intelligent Filter


The smart on-board filters in the Vesda-E range provide ease of maintenance.

Each VSP-962 filter contains a unique serial number on a chip, enabling filter replacement without the need for programming.

Flair Detection Icon
Flair Detection


Flair is the revolutionary detection chamber that provides better detection & fewer nuisance alarms. 


Using a CMOS imager combined with multiple photo-diodes provides greater reliability & analytics.



Pipe + Fittings


Aspirating pipe and fittings are essential for the correct operation of air sampling smoke detectors. Our pipe and fittings datasheet provides part numbers and details for the full range of ABS pipe products.


VEP Datasheet


The datasheet for the Vesda VEP provides technical specifications and details on model variants.


Stax PSU Datasheet


The Vesda VEP implements Stax units for expandability. The Stax power supply unit compliments the detector housing and eases power installation.


VESDA-E next-generation guide 


The VEP is a member of the Vesda-E product family. This brochure provides insights into the product range and powerful features.

Vesda VEP Sales & Support


Ventec Systems have supplied Vesda Aspirating Smoke Detection to UK fire alarm companies for over 20 years.  Each Vesda VEP product supplied by us is backed with a wealth of expertise & knowledge that is only gained through years of experience.


Our knowledgeable sales team are available to provide support and information on VEP capabilities at tender stage. After-sales service is complemented by our technical support staff who provide help and assistance to get you going as quickly as possible. 

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