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Titanus ASD

Titanus detectors are available in various models to suit most applications and environments.

  • MicroSENS

  • ProSENS

  • TopSENS

  • SuperSENS

  • RackSENS


All detectors are held in UK stock and are usually available for immediate despatch.

Spares + Pipe

Looking for Wagner Titanus spares, accessories or pipe & fittings?


We stock a range of ancillary products and spare parts for all Titanus detector models.


Our full range of Titanus Pipe & Fittings is available in Red, White or Grey and orders received before 2:30 pm are generally shipped on a next working day delivery throughout the UK.

Wagner Titanus

Thanks to their outstanding reliability, sensitivity and false alarm immunity, TITANUS® air sampling smoke detection systems have been the tried and tested detectors of choice for many years in a wide variety of applications.


Suitable for particularly noise-sensitive areas


The Silent technology from WAGNER is particularly well suited for those applications where the aesthetics of the architecture or the demand for secure early fire detection is combined with the need for silence, concentration or enjoyment.

Robust Detection


The use of a High Power Light Source (HPLS) technology provides a robust and sensitive advancement to the previously used laser technology.

HPLS allows Titanus air

sampling smoke detection systems to operate at temperatures as low as -40 °C.

False Alarm Immunity


Intelligent LOGIC·SENS signal processing system checks against known fire parameter patterns.

The patented system identifies false alarm scenarios which can be eliminated with a high degree of reliability.

Engineer Friendly


Titanus detectors are ready to go out of the box in most instances.

Minimal programming requirements and flexible ordering options, reduce onsite engineering time dramatically. 

Modular Approach


Titanus air sampling smoke detection systems are noted for their modular and optimised construction. The detectors are designed and built in such a way as to save time in design, installation, commissioning and servicing.

Wagner Titanus Resources


Wagner Product Brochure


The modular construction of the TITANUS® product range combines uncompromising quality and functional reliability with the requirement for greater flexibility and simpler operation. The product portfolio of the TITANUS® family offers an appropriate, cost-effective solution for virtually all customer specifications.



Download the Titanus Product Brochure to learn more.


Wagner Pipe + Fittings


Reliable aspirating pipe and fittings are essential for the correct operation of Wagner air sampling detectors.


Our pipe and fittings datasheet provides part numbers and details of the full range of ABS pipe products for all Titanus detectors.

Wagner Sales & Support


Our company is built around product support, customer service and has over 20 years of experience delivering aspirating smoke detection solutions to the industry. Each product is supplied with a wealth of expertise, knowledge and after sales service that is relied upon by a large number of UK fire and security experts.


Wagner Titanus detectors offer the perfect solution to Aspirating Smoke Detection. Their versatility and simple setup requirements have established the range as a firm favourite for UK fire detection companies both new and experienced. 


Getting started with your Wagner Titanus solution is simple. We can offer advise on your design layouts and provide expert assistance with detector choice and capabilities. Ordering is quick and simple through a trade account. On-site engineers have access to our technical support helpline to assist with commissioning if required. 


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